The Designer

Sewing from a young age and beginning formal lessons by the age of 6. Making costumes for plays (Some public), dresses for running about in the countryside where she grew up, and everyday clothing, she continued learning and making and branched into tailoring for family and friends. In 2009, her teacher retired and handing over her lesson plans and many pieces of her classroom, Bernadette started her own little sewing school at 14. 

Educated not only in clothing construction, Bernadette is also disciplined in interior design, graphic and web design, floral design, event planning, and trained many areas of business.

Studying and working in Paris with the esteemed fashion critique, and the first fashion blogger, Diane Pernet, and many other fashion and business mentors from the houses of Dior, Chanel, and brands like Calvin Klein. Struck with the idea for fashionable raincoats walking home from a couture show in Paris, she returned home, and began work on building a brand around the concept, and, here we are.



Q & A

Where do you gather design inspiration from?

I love arts and culture, exploring new places and trying new things. Arts flow into one another and make stops in the practical. I feel it is a combination of collecting the creative insights, and finding a way to marry the two one functional design. 

Favorite Designer?

I'm a classic, the King of Couture, Christian Dior. I also admire the colour theory and classic playfulness of Kate Spade, Dolce & Gabbana's regal romanticism, and Tamara Ralph's modern yet refined edge at Ralph & Russo.

What is something about fashion design most don't know?

How technical it is. The initial stages of prototype is very creative, gathering inspiration, colour palettes, material textures, you really can run wild in how you want a garment to drape and feel on a client...but as every stage of the process goes on, it becomes more and more detailed, until the final product is right in front of you. down to millimeter measurements, slowly translating from idea into being.

 Why design a raincoat? I loved the idea myself so much.and it filled such a need, that I started the process as an addition to my own wardrobe as a minimum and any friends who may feel the same way. Finding the material to match what I had in my head took months alone on top of the design process (usually 1 year start to finish.) Most formal coats are wool based, and trench coats are not waterproof or warm. I could not find anything actually waterproof....and  warm, and  fashionable for transitional seasons (Spring and Autumn) The design also needed some personality and fun to it much needed in the rain, and possess the versatility needed for classy events.