The Studio

We're here to take you on a little tour of what the design process looks like at Sanché Studio!

Beginning Stage - Creative adventures


The fashion cycle from sketch to shoot is usually 4 months to 1 year. The process starts before then with gathering inspiration and the ideas for a new style to grow out of. Without this stage, where would all the ideas of what to make come from? ll we have any ideas to make anything?!
Made in our industrial grade Studio in Alberta, Canada, our coats are designed, cut and sewn right here. Many elements of the clothing is also sewn and sketched by the designer, before handing it off to the team. Though cozy, our Studio prides itself in the newest technology and innovative methods of design and production. We are a SLOW FASHION studio. What this means, is we produce based on demand to minimize waste, a stunning issue the fashion industry currently has, even more than the food industry. Over production ultimately leads to a less efficient yearly schedule, and planning. 
Sewing Pattern Drafting